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shenpai-please-notice-me asked:

Some people (myself included) are getting tired of Jace always showing up. Perhaps, like Garruk, he can have a break as blue's poster boy next core and someone else can have a shot. Namely Tamiyo.


Jace had a supporting role in the Zendikar story and a main role in the Return to Ravnica story, but that’s mostly it. Numerous characters (Elspeth is the one that comes immediately to mind) have had more in-story screen time than Jace.

You’re missing the whole point, Mark. The issue us that Jace has been in every core set, not giving any of the spotlight to other blue characters at all. Some people are sick of seeing Jace’s ugly face.

voiceofafriend asked:

I really think that green having (most) insects including hornets trumps the color-pie dislike of flying. I do not think things like "no flying in green" should be steadfast. I think hornets feel green in gameplay as well as flavor. After all, white can't get them because they have deathtouch


Just because something exists doesn’t mean it has to be monocolor or show up a lot.

Hornets have no showed up a lot though, so I don’t see how this is an issue as of now.

scottnied asked:

I'm a little confused, why can't green have tiny flying creatures? And if hornets and bees aren't green what color are they?


Green can a have small flier infrequently. I believe flying insects, especially hive based ones, could work in white.

But hornets don’t care about community, they’re a hive mind who run entirely on instinct. I think that makes them pretty green in concept and flavour. Now hornet PEOPLE on the other hand…


The Chain Veil can’t go infinite. By saying “as though” it implies that once the condition to be used once has been met, it can’t happen again that turn. This also means you can’t activate Chain Veil and THEN use a planeswalker twice, because as soon as you use a walker’s ability, the “as though” clause has been met.

— i-pessimis

Hmm. Have we seen the words “as though" a lot in Magic’s history? I’m not sure about this in either direction actually. It doesn’t seem to have a hard rules meaning like "can’t," "whenever," "instead," etc… Does anyone know?

Somebody tried to sound smart without knowing what “as though” meant. The clause “as though” does not prevent anything from going infinite at all. If anything, the words “once this turn” could stop it from going infinite, but we won’t know for sure until we get the release notes.

mdastuto asked:

I think the reason for token creature being printed on the tokens is to help new players understand tokens.


That was my thought as well. I don’t think it adds any mechanical relevance to the game, aside from what was always there anyway.

Even if token is made into a supertype, it wouldn’t affect anything significantly rules-wise.


Different versions of Garruk Wildspeaker the Planeswalker

Wildspeaker by Aleksi Briclot and Terese Nielsen (alternate art)

Relentless and Veil-cursed by Eric Deschamps

Primal Hunter by D. Alexander Gregory

Caller of Beasts by Karl Kopinski

Apex Predator by Tyler Jacobson

I can only assume that the new mismatched pieces of armour Garruk is wearing are from the Planeswalkers he’s hunted and killed.

yourbulletformyvalentine asked:

Hey just wanted to know do you know the card 1969 world champion and if so is it true that there is only one copy of it in the whole world?


The card is called 1996 World Champion and yes, it is the rarest card in the world. This card was given out to the winner of Worlds in 1996, and all other copies of it, including the printing plates, were ceremonially destroyed. The winner of that tournament was Tom Chanpheng, an Australian who, last we’ve heard, still has the card at his home in a screwdown plastic case.

I believe Shichifukujin Dragon is also just as rare, with only one copy in existence.

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