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Another day, another Khan! I think this is my favorite Khan so far, by the way. Or at least the one I’m most likely to build a commander deck out of!

This is actually super weak as a commander. It has a very low-power pump ability that can’t even target itself and a very situational second ability. It being a 4/4 is actually irrelevant, because Doran is just better if you’re using it as a beater.

knuckleberry asked:

I don't think you'd actually be able to cast 3 Shrapnel Blasts with Howl of the Horde unless you have 3 Scuttling Doom Engines BECAUSE in order to even cast one, you must sacrifice an artifact. I think you would need more artifacts, but it's still plenty powerful, especially with Ornithopters.


I think you are corre

This is very incorrect. You don’t cast the copies of Shrapnel Blast, and therefore you do not pay extra costs. If you read the cards, like actually read them, you’ll see what I mean.



Additional costs are exactly that, additional costs to be paid at the same time you pay mana for the spell. Notice how Howl of the Horde has you copy the spell, and not cast the copy. It just puts the copy on the stack. Copying a Shrapnel Blast does indeed work.




Magic: the Gathering - Khans of Tarkir

Another post up at at the MTG Realm blog summarising all the new Khans of Tarkir spoilers and previews including that very kewl Trailer :

One card were impressed with is Howl of the Horde which promises to deliver some huge damage.

You’re going to need to sacrifice two more artifacts for those additional copies of Shrapnel Blast. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that is how it works.

That’s what I thought too. Still, Darksteel Citadel and Ornithopter are in Standard for a while, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

EDIT: I did a little digging and it looks like you don’t pay any additional costs for the copy. Here’s an article about Twincast, which does the same thing, and it even mentions Shrapnel Blast in the article.

This is a pretty basic ruling. You don’t cast the copies, they’re put on the stack. It helps to read Shrapnel Blast.


Apparently, the second set of the Khans block has been relieved: Fate Reforged! Is that Bolas I see in the background?

Based on what I’m hearing from Pax, the story is this: Sorrin and Sarkhan go back in time to stop Bolas from killing Ugan, the spirit dragon! I’m going to assume they succeed, and the third set is all about the new present they’ve created by changing the past. Neat!

That’s not Bolas, it’s Ugin. Different horns.

Why Keytar of Kruphix is a grumpy asshole about fetchlands


So I bet y’all wondering why I’m such a bitch about fetchlands and here’s the god honest truth from my blog.

And if you didn’t, I’m still bitching anyway so buckle your seatbelt, we’re not turning this ride around.

My personal opinion is that fetchlands are great as a source of colour filtering without lowering tempo. Thinning your deck is a fallacy that has been proven wrong with maths, but if you run 3+ colours and have the necessary lands in your deck they’re worthwhile.

Just making sure you realize that the new fetches are preselling at $20-$25 and will probably drop even lower ($12-$15 for the lesser played ones) and the reprints of the ZEN ones will also drop to those levels. So the price should no longer be an issue for you at all.

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