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I think people are missing the fact that if he’s the commander and his ult deals with planeswalkers, there’s got to be more walkers in the deck. I bet we’ll get some sort of Jace reprint, maybe a Tamiyo. I’m calling it right now, though: if the deck is named Peer Through Time, they have GOT to have an Urza planeswalker card in there.

Did not think of that. WHAT IS IN THAT DECK?

The retail price is 39.99, I doubt it’s going to be filled with planeswalker reprints. You might need to add your own to it. Though if they did, that’d be an amazing move by Wizards, and you should buy the deck before the price of it skyrockets.

As much as I’d LOVE an Urza planeswalker, the deck is titled Peer Through Time because Teferi was a time mage. Yea, he studied at the academy that Urza founded, but I highly doubt they’re going to make an Urza planeswalker for this deck.

And besides that, they won’t print characters who died on screen.

glasscobra asked:

Did WOTC seek the input of the EDH rules council before deciding to make planeswalkers that could serve as Commanders?





The council was very much consulted.

Something important to consider concerning Teferi and the rest of the commanderwalkers

Commandwalkers? They have a name now.

I was kinda hoping it would be just Teferi so that he’d be something special. I hope they, at least, don’t do a rules change to make all PWs into CWs.

That’s not going to happen. According to MaRo: 

"No, this cycle specifically has text on them that says they can be Commanders. No rules are changing." (Source)

Not to mention they wouldn’t put rules text to make these PWs commanders, and Sheldon already confirmed no rules are changing.

drtravian asked:

With Teferi coming back, will there be any explanation as to how or why he is still a planeswalker? The last we saw of him was when he gave up his PW status.


Remember when I answered a question a while back about seeing past versions of characters? Your question is a good example of why that’s tricky to do. But here’s the scoop: the Teferi planeswalker card in the next Commander product represents Teferi from before he gave up his spark to seal the time rift. Currently Teferi continues to be without his spark, but we thought players would enjoy seeing a card of that earlier planeswalker state, despite the tricky chronology.

Could this mean that we’ll be getting some dead Planeswalker cards? Commodore Guff!?


The game is about to change.

I’m not sure what is actually going on here.

What was stopping us from using planeswalkers as commanders before?

And why does putting the rules text on the card suddenly make it okay?

It’s also weird because Wizards traditionally leaves the rules to the community, but here they’re basically forcing the EDH rules to either adapt to include planeswalkers as commanders or just ban cards with this kind of rules text.

For the record, I’m okay with the change, and I’ve been wanting planeswalker commanders for a long time. This Teferi is pretty sweet too. I look forward to seeing how this trend continues.

Commander’s rules aren’t changing to allow planeswalkers to be commanders at all, that would break the format in half. Making planeswalkers specifically to be commanders works though, because card text comes before format rules.

(Source: commandtower)

shenpai-please-notice-me asked:

Some people (myself included) are getting tired of Jace always showing up. Perhaps, like Garruk, he can have a break as blue's poster boy next core and someone else can have a shot. Namely Tamiyo.


Jace had a supporting role in the Zendikar story and a main role in the Return to Ravnica story, but that’s mostly it. Numerous characters (Elspeth is the one that comes immediately to mind) have had more in-story screen time than Jace.

You’re missing the whole point, Mark. The issue us that Jace has been in every core set, not giving any of the spotlight to other blue characters at all. Some people are sick of seeing Jace’s ugly face.

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